It is important to know what the Duty of Care is when it comes to working in and around New Zealand’s utility networks and assets.

Below are a set of Guidelines that should be observed:

  • A beforeUdig enquiry must be lodged at least two full business days prior to starting any excavation or work site project.
  • All plans from registered Members, as noted on the cover sheet, have been received and must be on-site at the project location.
  • Ensure all worker(s) onsite understand the instructions from affected assets before work commences.
  • If the scope of works changes or validity dates of plans expire, a new beforeUdig enquiry must be submitted.
  • Observe the work site closely and look for clues of surrounding utility assets. Such as pits, marker posts, warning signs, meters, etc. Changes may have occurred to the area without the knowledge of the asset owner due to other project works, changing the alignment and / or depth of the utility asset.
  • For any excavation project, always proceed with caution and follow the The 5 Rules of Safe Excavation.
  • Once the project is complete, ensure no utility asset(s) have been damaged and that any exposed underground asset(s) uncovered by any excavation has been filled back in.
  • If further assistance is required, contact the utility asset owners directly using the numbers provided on the plan(s).
  • In case of damage(s) to any utility asset, employees or the community, demonstrate proof of Duty of Care by keeping a record of the beforeUdig enquiry, notes and contacts with the asset owners until the project is complete.
  • If damage has occurred to any utility asset, notify the affected asset owner immediately.

At every stage of the project, there are further measures that can be taken to ensure the safety of those involved in the project and others. Please refer to the Safety Practices.