Irrespective of size, any work site has the potential to damage assets located around the excavation site, leading to service interruptions, delays to the project, costly repairs and in the worst case scenario, injury or death.

In order to avoid these incidents, it is essential to recognise your Duty of Care and:

  • For any work site project, always proceed with caution and follow the Safe Excavation Guide
  • All plans from registered Members, as noted on the Enquiry Confirmation Sheet, have been received and must be on-site at the project location
  • Ensure all workers onsite understand the instructions from affected assets before work commences
  • If the scope of works changes or validity dates of plans expire, a new beforeUdig enquiry must be submitted
  • Observe the work site closely and look for clues of surrounding infrastructure assets such as pits, marker posts, warning signs, meters, etc.
  • Never assume pipes and cables run underground in a straight line or at a set depth
  • Engage with an accredited locator if instructed by the asset owner or if assistance is required to locate infrastructure assets
  • If further assistance is required, contact the infrastructure asset owners directly using the contact details on the Enquiry Confirmation Sheet
  • If you damage an infrastructure asset, you must advise the asset owner immediately using the contact details on the Enquiry Confirmation Sheet
  • If there is a risk to life or property, you must contact the emergency services immediately on 111 and evacuate the site immediately
  • If you strike a power cable in a digger, you should stay in your vehicle until the asset owner or emergency services arrive and advise it is safe for you to exit the digger as there may be a risk of electrocution. No other workers should approach the digger.